We can tell you how much we want you to have a great experience, but we think it's better to hear it from the horse's mouth. Here are some great comments from a few of our tenants. We'd love to hear your happy story and share it on the web as well! If you have a great experience from a staff member or maintenance tech, let us know we'd love to hear about it. Send your comments to Prime@PrimePropertyManagement.com.

"Our family would like to thank you guys for a wonderful leasing experience. This has been a great 2 years for us. Wish we could stay."
"Thanks for everything you've done for me! I've really been grateful to be able to count on you."
"I have to say, after thinking about things for a day or so, you guys rock. What a great balance of personalities in your team. All very focused, but fun loving too. I appreciate your attention to detail."
"UPPM Great Service and very easy to work with staff we just lease our new home thru them and i have a horrible work schedule and they work around my time also they were very understanding my wife just had surgery and they help us to get everything set up on time for my wife to come home to a beautiful home the she fall in love with I want to say THANK YOU TO ALL THERE STAFF BUT SPECIALLY TO STACY FOR MAKING EVERYTHING SO QUICK AND EASY I Really recommend them to everyone."
"Thank you so much I can't tell you how much I appreciate all that you have done for us!"
"I give them five stars!! They were going to finish a bathroom for us because that is what we told them we were looking for and we needed two bathrooms for our family and they did promptly and we moved in on schedule with everything working great. Whenever we needed anything and called they were always prompt to help and very friendly and nice. I felt that they were very honest and I enjoyed my experience doing business with them."