We work hard for property owners who are looking to maximize both their properties' short-term cash flow and long term asset value, while minimizing the risks of holding rental property.

We provide several competitive advantages to property owners working with us, from owners with a single property to owners with many multi-unit complexes. These include:


We carefully screen tenants using a variety of criteria, including criminal background and credit checks. We also use advanced metrics to determine if a tenant can afford a property, including income, longevity at their current job, number and type of delinquencies on their credit report (not just a credit score), and even the nature of their employment. We not only look for their income to be above a certain threshold relative to the rent, we look at the bigger picture, and the result is a better set of tenants with fewer payment problems and evictions.

We provide optional services to inspect the properties on a periodic basis. This reduces the risk of lease violations (unauthorized pets, damage to the property, etc.) and also helps us to catch problems early (such as plumbing leaks, improper lawn maintenance, etc.) that may go unreported by the tenant and could cause significant costs down the road if not caught quickly.

We provide a wide range of maintenance services through our preferred providers. Due to our extensive relationships with these vendors, you get high quality work done at a low price, with the needs of a rental property fully accounted for. We provide 24/7 coverage for emergency maintenance issues, both for tenant convenience and to minimize further damage in the case of an emergency.

We use our knowledge and experience in the industry to collaborate with our clients regarding the market rent for a property and to consult with them on any improvements that we believe would make properties rent faster or for a higher rate.

Our goal is to rent our clients' vacant units quickly, to a high-quality tenant, while maximizing their rental income. We work diligently to maintain the lowest vacancy rates and highest rental income possible.

We understand that the value of property improvements varies at different rent levels, in different neighborhoods, and with the kind of tenant you want to attract. We also understand that maximizing the long-term value of your investment is a prime concern.

One of the biggest complaints in the Property Management industry by owners is the lack of prompt, professional communication. Prime Property Management understands this concern, which is why we have Client Relations Managers personally assigned and dedicated to the success of each owner. These specialized staff members are trained to be a liaison between the tenants and owners while having a deep understanding of what it means to be a successful investor.

With your Client Relations Manager, you will get a response within 24 business hours to every e-mail, call or text. Your Client Relations Manager will adapt to your preferred communication needs by providing as much or little information as you'd like.