We like to rent units fast and keep them full! A full unit with a happy tenant is generally good for the short and long-term investment for the owner.

Our Asset Managers have been specially trained to recognize the least costly way to make the biggest impact on the property including curb appeal, internal amenities and overall rentability.

To follow are some basic guidelines on our property standards to make sure we can rent your property fast and keep it rented. If the property doesn't meet these conditions, we have a great team of experts to bring them up to standard while keeping a slim budget in mind:

  • Does the exterior of the property have nice curb appeal?
  • Is the yard trimmed, groomed, and free of weeds and garbage? Yards that are green and trimmed rent faster than those that are dead and overgrown.
  • Are the exterior materials maintained?
  • Are the roof, trim, gutters, siding, paint, brick, windows, etc. in good repair?
  • Is the exterior of the home clean and free of excess dirt and spider webs or debris?
  • Are there adequate garbage receptacles?
  • Is there adequate parking?
  • Are the porch and railings safe and maintained?
  • Ensure that the wall finishes nice without out large dings, scratches, dents, etc.?
  • Ensure that floor materials clean and in good repair?
  • Make sure that there are no noticeable odors.
  • Fix all holes, leaks, cracks, or decayed wood or materials.
  • Inspect for any evidence of rodent or insect infestation or damage and make all repairs prior to renting.
  • Check that all the doors, windows, windowsills, and blinds are clean and in good working order.
  • Ensure that all kitchen appliances are clean and in good working order.
  • Ensure that the bathroom fixtures are clean, sanitary and in good working order.
  • Most importantly, make sure that the entire property is clean and rent ready from the ceiling to floors.
  • Confirm that the heating and/or cooling facilities are adequate and in good working order.
  • If heating is shared, ensure that there is enough heat or a portable device is provided.
  • Ensure the plumbing fixtures, connections and water heaters are maintained and compliant.
  • Is there adequate hot water for the facility?
  • Make sure all of the electrical outlets and fixtures have working bulbs and that they are compliant to safety standards.
  • Verify that there is sufficient light, space, ventilation and egress for the unit.
  • Ensure there are adequate working smoke detectors and CO2 detectors as required in the property.