Market saturation, aggressive advertising, beautiful photography, strategic pricing and well trained Property Managers and staff all go into the rapid rental of your property. Our comprehensive marketing strategy isn't carried out by a single effort or by only our Property Managers. Our entire team is trained with the "everybody sells" mentality.

Keeping your properties filled with well qualified and happy tenants is our number one concern and is a part of every weekly meeting and behind every process and strategy. To follow are a few of our efforts to get your property rented right:


We have invested in a high-quality camera and pride ourselves on taking and displaying beautiful pictures of your property, allowing potential tenants tosee it in an attractive, professional manner. Most photos in the industry are crooked, dark, grainy, and poorly framed.

We are constantly searching for the best locations to showcase your property. Some of the top places we advertise are KSL, Rentler, Trulia, Craigslist, Zillow, our website as well as through printed flyers, newspapers and local journals. Unlike many organizations, we refresh or replace each advertisement online at least once a week and up to 3 times a week to keep your property on top!

With years of experience in multiple markets as well as constant market research, we will strategically price your unit to get the best renter in the least amount of time. Our goal is to fill every property within 30 days with an optimal target of less than two weeks.

Each staff member plays an integral part of making your property rent fast. From prompt phone responses, to needs assessment and target selling, to rapid application processing to weekly meetings regarding the calls, inquiries, showings and applications for each property.

All of our staff members exhibit the same professional, courteous and eager image, giving your property the attention and detail it deserves. Our signs are clean, in good condition and modern. Our building is a clean, creative, and fun environment. When potential tenants come in, they know they are working with professionals all around.