Whatever your reason for becoming a property investor and to whatever level you would like to be involved, we’re flexible and here to help! For more information on how we help the growth and profitability of your investments, take a look at our Property Management Services or give us a call at 801.627.1132


We’re happy to meet with you and assess your property(ies) at any time! Call our office at 801.627.1132 to set up an appointment with a property specialist. There’s no obligation and even a FREE RENT ANALYSIS based on our expertise in the industry. We want to make sure that any investor that chooses the PPM team feels that we are as good a fit for them as we feel they are for us.


While we’re pretty passionate about our services, and think our staff is great, here are some third party comments from investors just like you:

  • “Ok you all are really going to spoil us with the great customer service that you are giving us. What will I do with all of this extra time now that I don't have to deal with a bunch of drama? :-)”

    “So glad you guys are on top of things like that. I know left unchecked ice buildup can cause a lot more than $40 worth of damage! :)”

    “Thanks for the good work you and your associates do managing the duplex. Without you on the job it would be very difficult for me.”

    “Thank you for reporting the inspection and for the thorough inspection. We are very pleased with the inspection and extremely pleased with the upkeep of the house. Thank you so much for your services!”

    “You folks are awesome! I am constantly pleased we switched over to you all.”

  • “Bottom line: Simply OUTSTANDING to work with! They are diligent, caring and have been extremely efficient and more than fair when working with us. You can't go wrong using them, but you can go wrong using others. UPPM can use me as a reference anytime. When looking for property managers to manage our rental home because we were buying a second home. We narrowed our search down to UPPM and Secure Property. We initially chose Secure because we thought UPPM had too many properties to manage and ours would get lost in the shuffle. However, it was quite the contrary. Secure was absolutely horrible! I repeat horrible! In 18 months of using Secure we never received a statement, an inspection of the property and had to constantly bug them for repair status (it took three months for us to find a repair was finally complete) or to even get a return phone call. Even after we stopped using them and Secure changed to an automated system, we would receive e-mails telling us to register. Yea, they were not on top of things at all. To top it off, our renters moved out and our property was put on the market without us being told. Can you imagine having to pay the mortgage because your property managers never told you your tenants moved out? Surprise! Surprise! We only found out by a neighbor across the street. That was the final straw. We went back to UPPM and are so glad we did. We immediately started receiving statements detailing normal charges as well as repairs. We also received a home inspection with pictures within weeks of using them. They repaired items in the house immediately that the tenant had been complaining about for months. We didn't have to remind them to perform semi-annual inspection of the HVAC. They even facilitated repairing a sprinkler with a third party repair company. They always get back to me immediately. I had to tell them to stop responding to my e-mails on Saturday but instead relax on the weekend and respond on Monday if it wasn't an emergency. How many companies do that for you if they don't have to? Leslie, Nikki and Niki have been great. The few negative comments here seemed to come from tenants, not property owners. While there will always be hiccups in service anywhere you go, if a tenant is responsible, they will enjoy working with UPPM. As a landlord, they have smoothed over the bad relationship I have had with my tenants due to my previous property managers/repair companies. I even recommended them to a friend who was also using Secure Property and having the same problems I was having.”

  • “I seriously LOVE these people and their service. Prior to working with Utah Prime Property Management, I have had HORRIBLE experiences with deadbeat tenants, one who completely destroyed my property (rotting things everywhere, bedbugs, hoarding, holes through floors, walls, doors, cabinets ripped apart, etc) as well as many other problem people who feel no responsibility to pay for their living space as agreed. I own several homes, and was just ready to get OUT of the rental world, as I just had way more trouble with people than it was ever worth to me. I have probably lost more money in these pursuits than I ever made. Desperately seeking help, I found UPPM. It has been a night and day difference! I have now been with them for several years, and the properties I have them managing for me have been WONDERFUL! They screen tenants, check on the properties periodically, and let me know of any required maintenance issues that come up, and then just take care of them immediately upon my "ok". My nightmare has become a dream. I keep adding properties under their management every chance I get. HIGHLY recommended!”

  • “I'm in the military and needed a Property Management Team I could trust while I was deployed. UPPM was extremely friendly and service oriented. They were still somewhat new in the business when I joined with them 3 years ago, but their initiative and desire to continually improve themselves are what sold me. One deployment and an out of state move later, I know I couldn't ask for a better property management team. They are proactive with helping me find pre-emptive maintenance solutions. When my renter finds any deficiencies with the house, UPPM immediately sends out their handyman. If the fix cost less than $150, they fix the problem immediately and tell me later. If it costs more than $150, they call me to confirm the cost unless it is an emergency. Being a renter myself right now, I value the renter-friendly nature of this company. I would definitely recommend this company to owners and renters alike.”