May 27 16

Use Culture as Inspiration for Color!

Ms. Rita Rents

CultureForColorI thoroughly enjoyed the color blog I did while ago and having gone on a recent trip to Thailand, I was so inspired by color that I thought it would be fun to use culture as inspiration for color and décor.

Thailand is a country that engulfs your senses from every aspect.  The heat can be indescribable.  The smells are rich and pungent and amazing and awful within feet of walking.  The food is beyond amazing with complex spices and herbs, the colors are vibrant and mixed with wild abandon!

One of the things that I learned while on this trip was its ok to use color and be daring.  The bright colors add so much life and really match the excitement and happiness of the people that live there and the culture the colors were drawn from. The history is rich and the colors are just as rich!  They use bright jewel tones and vibrant hues.

I have taken a few of my favorite photos and created some new color palates!  Hope you like.