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The Best Cheap Dates Ever!

Ms. Rita Rents

The Best Cheap Dates EVer!BEST CHEAP DATES EVER!

If you are in high school just starting the dating scene, in college trying to find the love of your life, newlyweds, or long-timers, a cheap date can be a GREAT date!  When my husband and I were first dating, we were high-school sweethearts and neither of us had much money, so we made the best we could of what we had.  I thought in honor of the long weekend coming up, I’d share some of our fun, cheap dates and a few others that I found.  If you have some fun, cheap dates, please share, I’m always looking for something new:


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1. Get lost…

There is a new twist to our “get lost” where you flip a coin and if you flip heads, you go right, tails, you go left.

When we were bored, we’d literally drive around neighborhoods and get lost. We’d drive up to the super fancy neighborhoods and dream of what kind of house we could have, where we’d live and what kind of car we’d drive.

Now, gas wasn’t as expensive when I was dating (under $1.00/gallon actually), but it isn’t where it used to be either at $5.00/gallon, so this one could still be pretty cheap.

2. Picnic in a new park…

We’d take a picnic with us on our “get lost” drives and work our way to some unknown park. It was pretty fun just landing in some random park we didn’t know and rolling down the hill or watch kids play. A few times we bought a cheap kite at the store and brought that too!


3. Hit Happy Hour…

Make a buck go even farther by checking out Groupon. Sometimes, you’ll find a deal like $25.00 of food for $10.00. If you use your coupon during happy hour, that’s a REALLY CHEAP DATE!

When I say happy hour, you probably think, drinks right? But, happy hour isn’t just about drinks! Most places that have happy hour also have super cheap appetizers too. Even now, when we travel, our favorite thing to do is hit up Travelocity’s happy hour recommendations and share a few appetizers. We can usually get out under $20.00!


4. Amateur sports game…

One of our favorite things to do is support the local amateur teams or Jr. College teams. Games are usually under $10.00 and depending on the sport and your city, can be more fun than the big leaguers! We love to watch our local Jr. Hockey Leagues. Food is incredibly cheap; the games last just as long and are really just as fun!

Who doesn’t love to have floor/glass/pit seats at their favorite team’s major league game! But let’s be real, when it’s the beginning of your little leaguers’ season, you’re probably already tapped out and can’t afford $500/seat tickets, I sure can’t!

5. Volunteer…

Volunteering together is so rewarding! There are so many things you can do, some take a little planning and organizing, but what a great way to spend time with your loved one.

Walk dogs at the humane society

Visit a retirement home. I LOVE talking to elderly people and learning about their history, what life was like in their time, and giving them some personal time.

6. Go to the library or book store…

We used to go to the book store and look at travel books all the time! The library is just as fun. There is an endless supply of entertainment in the books, magazines, media you can find. And the people watching can be just as entertaining!

7. Photo scavenger hunt..

Dream up a list of things you want to find (make them random and off the wall!) and set out on an adventure to take photos of these items. Not only is it fun trying to hunt down your list, you will make a great set of photos together to last a lifetime!

8. Free community events…

Most communities host free events like movies in the park, concerts the park, farmer’s markets, art strolls, etc. Nearly every city has a community events calendar now and free activities are being held constantly!

9. College, community or High School play, dance concert, recital, concert…

This may sound corny, but I have seen some amazing theater and dance come out of the high schools! Tickets are usually incredibly cheap and the seating is usually pretty open. Plus, it’s a great way to support the community!


10. Go “fantasy” shopping…

This is actually a blast! When you shop for things you need, you rarely get to try on that amazing dress, or those to die for shoes! You also rarely try on the things that are ridiculous, which can be hilarious to see! Make a date and go fantasy shopping. You don’t have to buy anything, you get to spend time together, and who knows, you may find a new look that is perfectly you and tuck the idea away for a birthday, anniversary, etc! You’ll probably laugh more that you have in a long time and you’ll have a blast while you’re at it!