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Super Simple Paint Palette Hack Using YOUR Favorite Photos!

Ms. Rita Rents

SmileItsSpringDon’t get stuck in a decorating rut because you aren’t an interior designer! Free online technology has made decorating easier than ever with some pretty cool tools that allow you to upload your very own images and produce some beautiful and uniquely YOU color palette options!

I love filling my home with photos of my family, travels and pets and often focus the color scheme of a room around a favorite photo. If you LOVE the photo, you’ll love how everything else falls into place when you pin down the rest of the color scheme. And remember, if you live in a rental and can’t paint, there are endless options to add color without paint like pillows, blankets, curtains, fabric, photos, pottery, furniture, accents, plants, etc!

Don’t fret if you don’t have fancy photo editing tools, I went looking around the net to see what was out there for home designers that didn’t have these tools and I found some great options. They are all different in their own way and I found that each produced a very different result with the photo, so if you don’t find what you want with the first tool, try another.

How do I begin, you ask? Super Simple!

Pick a photo that you absolutely LOVE and want to be the center focus of the room.

  1. Upload the photo to any of the sites listed below
  2. Choose which site produced the results you liked the best
  3. Do a “print screen” of the results (as I’ve done to illustrate each of the sites).
  4. Send your favorite image AND the print screen in to be printed to your favorite print shop.  There are ENDLESS options for pretty cheap and decently good printing these days.
    1. NOTE: Because every screen and printer will produce different results, when you send your favorite photo in to have it printed, print a small 4×5 or 5×7 of it in addition to the screen print of the color palette that you preferred so you can take BOTH the photo and color palette with you when shopping for room accents, and they will be the same colors!
  1. Color Code Picker: Found at, this tool allows you to upload any photo and it produces, fairly quickly, 2 color schemes as well as the majority color of the image. This one was probably the quickest and gave the most options, but the only down-side that I found was sometimes it didn’t pull some of the most vibrant colors from the photo and went with the majority colors rather than some of the vibrant accents. This tool also provides the palette in three different color codes including RGB, HEX, and HSL.
  2. Color Codes: Found at , this tool allows you to upload a photo and with a dropper tool and select a certain color from the image. Although it doesn’t give you a palette, if you are missing a color from one of the other tools that you want to identify, you can pick it here.ColorCodes
  3. Tin Eye Labs: Found at, this tool allows you to upload a photo and will produce a color map with a proportional palette, Hex color, area % of the color and a color name match. This pulls the color in order of percentage of saturation, not necessarily in a complimentary palette; however, it gives more options for those who are a little more savvy and can take the colors provided and put them together.TinEyeLabs

I put together a few examples of palettes with some photos I have taken over the years of friends, family, vacation and even right in my own back yard to show you what fun you can have with color! Good Luck and have fun!

Meet “Hannah”.  She has more personality than all the flowers in the garden!  This is a great idea to use your kid’s photos as color inspiration to decorate their room, or even yours!


These are pre-wedding photos taken at the Utah State Capitol. This would be such a fun idea for newlyweds to decorate their bedroom with.


This was a statue outside one of the many buildings at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.  How fun to decorate an office in these rich and luxurious Thai colors!


This is one of the prismatic pools in Yellowstone National Park.  Such a cute color scheme for an active little boy’s room or a play room!  Accent with some animal photos and you have a forest room.


I must be completely honest, this is a purple thistle weed from my yard and they are such a nuisance weed that takes over EVERYTHING, but the colors are incredible!  And while I dread their blooming every year, at least there’s a little beauty in the pain!  This just goes to show you that amazing color palettes can come from literally ANYWHERE!


This photo was taken at the train market in Thailand.  The contrast of colors is so beautiful!  I actually have my Christmas Tree decorated in these colors!