Apr 11 16

NATIONAL PET DAY: 10 Human Tricks to Get Your Pet Deposit Back!

Ms. Rita Rents



For those of us who have pets, they have become family and we take them with us when we move.  It can be a challenge to find a pet friendly rental!

If you live in a rental property with your furry friend, you probably paid a fairly decent pet deposit and you may even pay pet rent on top of it!

Just like kids, pets can make a mess, and in some cases, they can make a REALLY BIG mess!  So, in honor of our furry friends on National Pet Day and your pet deposit, here are 10 ways to help you get your pet deposit back in relation to some of the most common and expensive pet fixes we see on a daily basis:


  1. NO MORE HOLES: If your dog is digging holes, he/she is bored. Try getting mind stimulating games. You can run them ragged by playing fetch, but if they are still bored, they’ll still dig. Here is a great article to help you stimulate your dog! http://www.mnn.com/family/pets/stories/10-brain-games-to-play-with-your-dog
  2. BROKEN BLINDS: Keep your blinds and strings raised out of reach of your pet. Pets seem to love to chew on blinds! Nearly all properties with dogs or cats have some damage to the blinds whether it is the slats, the pulleys or the turner. If they are out of sight, they are out of mind. You can even be proactive by taking them down and storing them during your tenancy and replacing with curtains that are less appealing to a pet.
  3. SCRATCHED UP DOORS: Chances are if you have a dog, it knows to go to the door when it has to “go” (hopefully!). But they usually give the door a little scratch, scratch until sooner or later, that little scratch is a big scratch with missing paint and wood! To stop that, hang a strip of bells from the door and teach fido to ring the bells instead of scratching the door.
  4. BE CONSISTENT: One of the biggest costs in pet damage comes from pets using the carpet as their toilet. The best way to deter that is to be consistent. If your pet should go outside to potty, ALWAYS take it out immediately after eating or drinking, stay out until they do their deed and reward them for it. It might suck in the winter, but that carpet bill will suck worse when you are ready to move out, I promise!
  5. DETER: If your pet is a chewer or scratcher, get bitter apple spray or paste. Use it as a deterrent on all tempting and tasty areas in the house like baseboards, corners, etc.
  6. DO NOT LOCK YOUR PET BEHIND A DOOR! The second most common damage we see are destroyed doors and baseboards. Don’t use a bathroom as a kennel; use a kennel as a kennel. If your pet can’t be left alone without supervision, keep it and your property safe and crate train it. I’ve seen doors that looked like they were eaten by a beaver in less than a week of moving in!
  7. SHAMPOO THE CARPET: Get your carpets professionally steam cleaned at least twice a year. This will keep the pet dander and fur from accumulating. More than 50% of the time, we have to get the carpets cleaned multiple timeS after a pet leaves a property to remove all fur.
  8. BACKGROUND NOISE: Turn on some background noise for your pet, even if they are in a kennel. Movies, music, etc. This often times soothes them enough to calm their nerves and keep them from barking or being destructive.
  9. NO UNAUTHORIZED PETS: You are much better off paying the pet deposit, than a pet deposit + a fine. In most cases, a pet fine can be as much as the original pet deposit and damage from an unauthorized pet can be charged at a higher rate according to many lease agreements!
  10. FIX IT: And last but not least, as any of us pet owners know, there’s bound to be an accident, or a chewing incident or something! So when it happens, fix it, and do it quickly.  Some lease agreements allow up to triple charges from pet damages due to unauthorized pets.