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INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAIN DAY – You Know You Grew Up in the Shadow of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains if…

Ms. Rita Rents
International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day

Call me biased, but living in Utah has spoiled me with some of the most majestic mountains in the world. These mountains are home to “The Greatest Snow on Earth”, hiking, biking, snowmobiling, four wheeling, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, camping and so much more. While Utah is infamous for some pretty quirky things like Fry Sauce, Green Jell-O and Carrot Salad, and Sister Wives, it’s also famous for some pretty amazing things, like our mountains! So in honor of International Mountain Day, “You Know You Grew Up in the Shadow of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains if…”



  1. You know you’re facing north because the “Big” mountains are on your right.
  2. You have no sense of direction without your mountains.
  3. You’ve walked to school in 2 feet of snow because school was NEVER cancelled!
  4. You’ve driven to work in 2 feet of snow because work doesn’t stop for snow.
  5. You’ve ever skied and golfed on the same day.
  6. You went for impromptu “weenie roasts” in the canyon.
  7. You had raccoon eyes in the winter, and you were proud of them!
  8. You were a die-hard Alta or Snowbird and would defend your resort like your religious platform.
  9. You’ve skied more than 4 resorts in one day!
  10. Your face has been both wind-burnt and sun-burnt after an epic day on the slopes.
  11. You’ve explored the caves and lost your Scout Master.
  12. You’ve hiked the U, with more than one date.
  13. You’ve parked with 1000 other powder hungry snowmobilers and then didn’t see more than 10 the rest of the day.
  14. You’ve used a bucket on a broom stick for a mailbox.
  15. You’ve watched the Fall colors creep down the mountain with the bright intensity of fire.
  16. You’ve driven to work with the heat on and home with the A/C on.
  17. Any hill was a sled hill.
  18. Your favorite campground was only 20 minutes away, and always a great last-minute get away.
  19. You’ve hiked the East Bench Shoreline Trail and found sea shells.
  20. You had to drive the canyon to pass your driver’s ed test, in the snow.
  21. You’ve ever had to explain “lake stink”.
  22. You’ve ever had to explain the “bowl effect” and “inversion”.
  23. You’ve had to explain why you SHOULDN’T go swimming in the Great Salt Lake.
  24. You’ve had to explain “dry snow” and why it really IS the Greatest Snow On Earth.
  25. You break out the shorts and flip flops at 40+ degrees.
  26. You pick your landscape plants based on deer resistance.
  27. You’ve named your resident deer friends.
  28. You rode your first black diamond before you could drive.
  29. Spring break was better for skiing than swimming.
  30. You pronounce mountain “mao-uhn”.