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Ms. Rita Rents

REPEL-BUGS-NATURALLY-COVERNo matter what time of year, pesky little insects are always trying to get into our warm, cold, and great smelling homes.  And if you are like me, you’d prefer they stay outside where they belong!  The best way to control pest is to prevent them.  In many cases, when the infestation is beyond natural remedies, we must resort to chemicals, but if we don’t have to subject ourselves, kids and pets to these harmful chemicals, its best to go natural!

Below are the top insects that respond best to natural control to help you out all year long:





Keep your discarded citrus peels and rub them on the areas where spiders frequent. You can also use a citrus solution, there are many, many citrus solution recipes available. Below is one of the most common ones.




If you are old enough or nostalgic enough to have watched the Star Trek movies, you no doubt remember when Khan puts the ear wig larva in Chekhov’s ear. To this day, I HATE EAR WIGS because of that one movie scene! All I can think of are these nasty pinchers getting into my ears at night and getting into my brain – EWWWW! While that is totally dramatic on my part and I agree not realistic, I cringe when I see an earwig anywhere near my house! So, here are a few ways to keep them out.

  • First and foremost, earwigs are attracted to moist areas. The best prevention is to seal any cracks and exposed exterior areas and make sure there isn’t any lingering moisture near the foundation.
  • Remove moist mulch and plants that attract ear wigs from the property
  • Second, Plant lots of deterrent herbs around entry areas to your home. Serves a dual purpose too! Mint, basil and lemon thyme are great choices.
  • Set up traps in and outside of your home. Earwigs are attracted to vegetable oil so using a small tuna can or pet food can, clean it out, fill ½ full with vegetable oil and place where the earwigs are most common. They will crawl into the dish and not come out!
  • Make sure that all moist areas in the home stay dry and check under counters and cabinets regularly as they will be attracted to moisture.

red ant


There are a few home remedies that seem to work pretty well. If you are trying to remove the colony, remember that you can’t kill the ants you see, you have to let them take the food back to the colony and let that do the trick!

  • Natural deterrent: Ants don’t like bitter cumber. If you are noticing an area where they like to hang out, put out bitter cucumber, they might just go away.
  • Kill the colony: mix one cup warm water with ½ cup sugar and 3 tablespoons borax. Soak it up with cotton balls and place them in shallow dishes near ant trails.



  • Flies don’t like mint so get small tea bags and fill them with mint leaves, will keep the flies away!
  • Flies also don’t like Eucalyptus oil, so put a few drops on some cloths and hang or place them where the flies frequent.

Herb mix


For a good overall general house spray to keep many critters away, mix up this powdery concoction and sprinkle around the outside edges of the house where they may be tempted to enter.

  • Most dollar stores will carry these three spices in bulk: Garlic powder, Cinnamon & Cayenne Powder.
  • Mix all three together in equal amounts
  • Sprinkle the powder around the foundation and entry points.