Sep 30 16


Ms. Rita Rents

COFFEE GROUND LEFT OVERSYesterday was national coffee day, and I’m assuming there was a LOT of coffee made and consumed, leaving a LOT of coffee grounds behind today.  But don’t fear, although not quite as satisfying as a hot cup of joe, these grounds can be used in all sorts of fun and creative ways!

You don’t drink coffee, but still want to get in on all this fun and excitement you say?  No worries, most coffee shops, including Starbucks have a used coffee grounds collection bin for the taking, or just ask and they are usually happy to give you some!



  1. PEST REPELLANT: Mix with dried orange peel or rosemary oil and sprinkle around plants to discourage ants, snails and slugs, and even cats!
  2. WORM ATTRACTANT: Add to your garden or compost to encourage worms to do their work. They are attracted to coffee grounds.
  3. COMPOST: Add to your compost bin to give it the nitrogen boost it needs.



  1. ODOR ABSORBER: Use in place of baking soda to absorb odors in your fridge
  2. ODOR NEUTRALIZER: Rub into your hands after handling potent, absorbent foods like garlic to neutralize the smell.
  3. ICE MELT: Use coffee grinds in place of salt. The acid helps melt the ice quicker
  4. ABRASIVE CLEANER: Clean the grill! Add some grounds to a sponge or rag and use the abrasion to help remove the pesky build up on the grill.



  1. FLEE REPELLANT: Add coffee grounds to your dog’s shampoo for a natural flea repellant.


  1. SHINE: Before shampoo or conditioning your hair, rub some grounds in and let sit. Wash and condition after rinsing for a luxurious & glossy shine! Be careful with light hair, coffee has a caramel staining effect as well!