Aug 5 16


Ms. Rita Rents

DO HARD THINGSToday I had a packed day, from 7am – 6pm.  I was rushing from an appointment on one end of the valley to the other (a 1.5 hour commute with no time to spare) and got stuck right in the middle of the Tour de Utah at the peak of a mountain climb.  At first I was so frustrated that how on earth, in this entire state could I get stuck the 30 minutes that this race passed through, the top of the mountain.  But then, when the cop waived me off the road and I had no choice but to sit there and watch, I was inspired and grounded.  I learned a few lessons today…



Man, as I watched these men ride up the mountain with such speed, ease and determination, I thought, these guys do REALLY HARD THINGS! They have devoted their life to strength, skill, endurance and training. I wondered are these full time athletes, or do they have other jobs too. And then there was the massive entourage that followed them with bikes and drinks and parts and media.

I was literally one foot away from these “super humans” huffing it up the hill. And when they saw me watching them and taking pictures, I smiled and they smiled back. Seriously! They smiled back, riding up the mountain. They were doing this incredibly amazing, hard thing and they looked and smiled at me.

There are a lot of hard things I want to do in my life and sometimes, I let my head get the best of me. So today, I decided if these hundreds of men could smile and climb the mountain, I could smile and do hard things “Climb Mountains” too.




I had no choice but to stop. The cops told me so and I really didn’t want to hit one of these riders. I had people counting on me to see this property from out of state and the roads were blocked. I couldn’t get there and who knows, they probably couldn’t get there either. And, to top it all off, I was on the mountain with one bar of service and no data, so I couldn’t access my calendar to even call and cancel. So, I rolled with the punches. I called my office with my spotty service, and quickly they were able to get in touch with the potentials and we re-scheduled to later tonight. It kind of threw everyone off and everyone had to adjust, but everyone did and with a smile.

That’s what it is about. Making a plan and when the plan stops without notice, roll with the punches and make it work. That’s what we do regularly, but today I was happy that not only could our staff roll with the punches, the individuals on the other end could as well. So, this was a great lesson, when I’m on the other end and relying on someone else and things change, I can be happy to roll with the punches too!