May 5 16

#ApartmentStruggles – Funny Posts from Apartment Dwellers 3

Ms. Rita Rents

Freezer Compartment Of A RefrigeratorThe fun never ends with these apartment dwellers and the struggles they endure.  Hope you enjoy the third installment of Funny Tweets from apartment dwellers.

 Dancing People IF YOU CAN’T IGNORE ‘EM, JOIN ‘EM…

Jeffrey – Jun 22: “I think my neighbors are hosting a Dance Dance Revolution tournament.”

 Freezer Compartment Of A Refrigerator MMM FREEZER FOOD

Meghan – Jul 12: “Being at @Costco makes me dream of having a normal sized freezer again.”

 Young couple celebrating moving to new home IT’S THE NEW GREEN (OR BROWN) INITIATIVE

Ash – Aug 2: “Cardboard boxes also double as a table.”

 Young man hears the annoying alarm clock. LET ME SLEEP!

Mary – Sep 18: “Must be midnight – the dang cuckoo clock just rang 12 times thank you next door neighbors”

 Dirty Kitchen IT’S NOT MY FAULT

Megan – 27 Sep 2014: “Every time I cook, my kitchen looks like a scene from hoarders. I neeed counter space.”


Katie – 23 Nov 2014: “This Thanksgiving I’m going to be thankful to use Mom & Dad’s washer and dryer. Loads on loads on loads.”

 Civil Engineers At Construction Site MAYBE A NEW AIRBNB…

Mark ‏- Dec 11: “It always sounds like my upstairs neighbors are building another apartment inside their apartment.”

 Man washing dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. NO LITTLE BROTHER TO BLAME

Charles – Oct 19: “When you look down and realize all the dirty dishes belong to you and you are the slob you swore you’d never become”

 Pizza Delivery THE DOMINO EFFECT…

Mallory – Dec 10: “Successfully had pizza delivery man use the apartment buzzer for the first time, only to have cat escape out the door. 😐 #apartmentstruggles”

 Asian woman blowing her nose on couch at home in the living room WHAT ELSE DO THEY HEAR?

Mia –  Jan 3:  “When the walls are so thin at your apartment and the neighbors say bless you when you sneeze”