Jun 3 16

#Apartment Struggles – Funny Tenant Tweets Part 4

Ms. Rita Rents

Freezer Compartment Of A RefrigeratorJust as I think apartment dwellers can’t get any more creative with describing their challenges in less than 140 characters, they do.

Join me once again as I found 10 hilarious tweets from struggling apartment dwellers.  Maybe they should all read my blog on the 10 things that annoy your neighbors the most!

 Two Sisters Fighting LET’S HOPE NOT…

Amanda · Mar 1: “I’m pretty sure my neighbors give their kids time out by drilling them to the wall.”

 A housewife holding a male sock and her nose next to a washing m SETTING A BEFORE & AFTER COMPARISON

Anthony · Feb 27: “Just watched some crazy lady stick her head in the washing machine and smell her laundry before starting it!”

 Hand Opening Door THE REAL “BONUS” ROOM!

Brent · Feb 21: “We just discovered a new bedroom that we didn’t know we had.”

 Angry couple shouting during argument against grey background #@*?!

Rachel · Feb 20: “Dear sir and madam, using grammar as a basis in a loud argument is null and void when used with every expletive known to man.”

 Shower woman YOU GO GIRL!

Rachel · Feb 19: “To the girl in the apartment next door taking a shower: SANG IT. SANG IT LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT.”

 Young man playing electric guitar with woman wearing inline skat STAR SEARCH CONTESTANT?

Vicky · Feb 16: “I am convinced that the woman who lives above me spends her days doing zumba, reconstructing her dresser, and rollerblading”

 Asian Engineer Man Can't Hear His Phone Stop An Ear EXPLAIN THAT ONE…

Feb 15: “Phone interview this morning. So, of course, upstairs neighbors have rented a pile-driver…”

 Sign Of Public Toilets, Wc Restroom DESPERATE TIMES CALL FOR…

Adien · Feb 9: “My apt water is off today and I’m severely contemplating a field trip to the @Target bathroom”

 Three obese hippos have a fun. THAT’S COMMITMENT!

Siri · Feb 27: “Upstairs neighbors. Imitating hippos since 1993.”


Emily · Feb 22: “I’m pretty sure I now have an elephant vampire living above me. Stomping around & moving furniture all hours of the night”