Jan 26 16

National Spouse Day – Rookies vs. Veterans

Ms. Rita Rents

NationalSpouseDay_CoverIn honor of National Spouses day, I thought I’d break down the humor of how drastically small life habits change from newly living together roomies/newlyweds to long-time, hunkered down, committed, couples accidentally swapping dentures. Whether you are officially “spouses” or not, if you live together, perhaps you can relate to a few, young or old…


Jan 22 16

Top Ten Common Move-Out Charges

Ms. Rita Rents

10MostCommonChargesCoverEveryone wants their security deposit back, and I don’t blame them, but I’m not sure that everyone knows exactly what to do to get their security deposit back. When moving out, there are a million and one things to do from packing to cleaning to finding your new place and inevitably, something gets missed. So, in order to help you get the most of your deposit, I have broken down how to make sure you are meeting your landlord’s requirement and some of the most common charges we see on move out. (more…)

Jan 14 16

#ApartmentGoals – De-Clutter & Organize

Ms. Rita Rents

CoverPhoto_DeclutterIf you’re like me, you somehow tend to accumulate paper, bills, letters notes and other random stuff from all aspects of your life and it all manages to herd itself into a pile on the kitchen counter and you make a mental note, “I’ll get to that tomorrow”.  Then uninvited guests come over, and you don’t want that messy stack of stuff taking over your counter, so you hastily shove it in your office or on your computer desk, drawer, cupboard or any cubby it will fit in, just to forget about it until, “YIKES” your phone bill is late. (more…)

Jan 5 16

#ApartmentStruggles – Funny Posts from Apartment Dwellers 2

Ms. Rita Rents

FunnyTweetsCoverThe funny Tweets continue! Getting your first apartment is one of the most exciting times in your life, but it also comes with some new challenges.  These apartment dwellers show how #TheStruggleIsReal in their apartment life.  Hope you enjoy the second installment of Funny Tweets from apartment dwellers. (more…)