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Ms. Rita Rents



It’s officially summer and it’s officially HOT!! Living without A/C can be a challenge, but have no fear, below is a list of 10 CLEVER ways to keep you cool without A/C.


Clothesline Swamp Cooler:

  • Wash your clothes in the day
  • Set up clothes lines near a window inside the house
  • Hang the wet clothes on the clothes lines
  • Put a fan between the window and the clothes line
  • Voila! This is a mini swamp cooler. The air passing through the moist clothes will cool the air.
  • NOTE: if you don’t have enough clothes to wash daily, wet towels and hang them


Cross Breeze:

Fan placement is an art! Putting a fan in a closed room will actually make it hotter. In order to get the most of any air flow, it is important to open windows across from each other. It is best to place one fan blowing hot air out of the room (facing out of the window and another fan in a window where the wind is blowing in. It is important to note which way the wind is blowing, if any!


Frosty Feet:

I can’t stand hot feet at night! One tricky way to stay cool at night is to place re-usable ice packs under the sheets and under your pillow in your bed.

Do-it-yourself A/C:

  • This one is slightly more complex, but well worth it if you have the patience.
  • Take one or two empty 2 liter bottles
  • Fill 70% water & 10% rock salt (the salt lowers the temperature at which the water freezes making the ice super cold)
  • Leave about 20% of the volume empty for expansion
  • Freeze the bottles
  • Place frozen bottles in a large metal bowl in front of a fan with the air blowing over the frozen bottles
  • Voila! Makeshift A/C.
  • Re-freeze the bottles or keep a rotating stock in the freezer

Freezing Water In Pet Plastic Bottle Deemed An Unhealthy Practic


Take advantage of a cool shower when needed. Especially before bed to lower your temperature. BONUS: If you have long hair, leave it wet, it will help cool you through the night.

Wrists, Feet & Forehead:

When trying to cool down, remember that your body regulates heat most quickly through your feet, wrists and head. When you need a quick cool down, soak your feet in a bowl of cold water, run your wrists under cold water or put a cold pack on your forehead.


Spray Bottle:

Keep a spray bottle near a fan. Lightly mist your skin and blow air on it. It will cool your skin nearly instantly. This is a great idea at night when it gets hot and uncomfortable, keep a spray bottle by your bed


You may not be aware of this but there is a method to keeping your house cool with blinds. Most people close the blinds with the slats pointed down. This allows the sun from above to peek through and warm the room. Flip those blinds facing up so you can see the ground, not the sky and it will make quite a difference! And keep those blinds down whenever possible!

Sleep Like An Egyptian:

Egyptians certainly knew how to stay cool and one of their methods was with fabric. There are fabrics that hold heat and fabrics that allow air to breathe. When choosing clothing or sheets, make sure to NOT use heavy fabrics like polyester, flannel, etc. Choose light fabrics like linen and Egyptian cotton!

Stack of clean bedding sheets and towels isolated on white

Purchase a window A/C:

While they are a little bit of an investment, at $115, you can reasonably cool a single room and if you can spring for 2 and strategically place throughout the house, even better. If you rent, check with your manager, chances are they may have some in stock and will even install them for not too much. We only charge $50 for the entire season including the installation, removal and rental fee!